At present, the last point reached in Quantum Physics in the world is the 'Standard Model’ that is formed together by 'Electroweak Theory' and 'Quantum Chromodynamics Theory'. The Standard Model has now applied three of the four fundamental forces (electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force) to quantum mechanics, but has not yet succeeded in combining the force of gravity with these forces.

This study attempts to explain a new model, which allows combining the gravitational force with the other three forces. With this invention, it is thought that will be supposed to pass from 'Standard Model' to 'The Theory of Everything', which is called the last theory. This physics is called 'The Moment of Creation Physics' in Quantum Gravity Theories.
In this study, by applying the mass gravitational force with the ‘Identical Universe Unit Model’ (IUUM), which is supposed to constitute the basic structure of ‘Supersymmetry Model’, to quantum physics mechanics;


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