Basaran was born in 1952, in Ankara, capital of Turkey. After graduating from the Turkish Naval High School in 1970 and the Turkish Naval Academy in Istanbul in 1973, with the rank of lieutenant in the Navy when he started his working life ended as he retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1994. This 21-year working life in the Navy in various destroyers as the Electronic Officer, Submarine Warfare Officer, Executive Officer and Commander, in Turkish Navy Headquarters, he served as Branch Maneger at various branch and Division. After officier fundamental training he made a residency in the specialty in the field of electronics. Issues in his area of expertise; Air and Surface Radars, Sonar, Communications Devices, Fire Control Systems, Electronic Warfare Devices, Surface and Underwater Weapons.

Conducted individual research interest in the field of quantum physics after retirement and as a result of these studies, ‘Twins theory’ termed the theory of the model found the solution, and by means of the found this model in the field of quantum physics and quantum theory are still many issues to be investigated at the point of the elucidation of the answer and hopes to be able to contribute.

Mustafa BASARAN who is married have 3 children and 3 descendants.


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